Malinda Goldberger | About

Who needs a real photographer anymore? We all have smart phones and taking family selfies has actually become a "thing." So why bother hiring me?

Because sometimes it's really fun to put down the phone and live in the moment. 

And I love photography.

And I love kids. And babies. And birthday parties. And celebrating the pending arrival of your baby**

How lucky am I that I get to do what I love? I was practically raised in a darkroom (my first camera was a fully-manual Ricoh.) I graduated from SVA here in NYC, and even though I spent most of my time in advertising agencies, I never left my love of photography. Maybe you've seen me around your office, or perhaps you've seen me around the city (probably not, the city is huge), but even if you are meeting me for the first time, I can almost-promise you we'll have a great time (I say "almost" because hey, sometimes kids are just in a mood!) 

I am available for maternity photos, newborn hospital photos, family photo sessions, birthday parties, and "goodbye NYC/neighborhood" photos. Contact me to learn more!

**Is your baby arriving in a non-traditional fashion? Are you expecting via adoption or surrogacy? Having had my baby through a gestational carrier, I can help commemorate this exciting time!